What Is YOLORank

YOLORank is a way of helping yourself gain access to enhanced features of the site in exchange for creating a better and more verified profile. A better YOLORank score will ensure your profile ranks higher in search results and that you see other search results before lower ranked users.

What can increase my YOLORank

Complete Profile: Complete your profile in full with an "About Me" section and information on "What you are looking for". Without this you will not show in searches

Pictures: Upload a profile photo. You can do this as soon as you have clicked on the verification email we send you when you sign up

Getting Verified: By uploading a image of you and your verification number users can have a greater confidence you are who you say you are

Gallery Images: Having between 1 and 5 gallery images increases your chances for getting noticed and make you more appealing

Staying Active: Regular site use maintains your YoloRank, spend too long away and you could find your ranking being reduced.

What can reduce my YOLORank

Abuse: Site violations will get you a strike with each strike reducing your YOLORank. 3 strikes get you a ban. Uploading violent / pornographic images and sending abusive emails are some of the ways to get immediate bans so please read the help guides properly