verified account image

What is profile verification

Profile verification is the next step up from the email verification and provides a basic level of proof that you are actually who you say you are.

Uploading a selfie of yourself holding something with your unique verification pin will allow us to verify your profile and show a verified tick image alongside your profile and images.

Verification images are not retained and are deleted from our system as soon as we approve them. They will never be available to the public (even for a short period) unlike some other adult sites.

What are the benefits

Greater interest in your profile

Enhanced Features

Higher rankings

All users who get their profile verified automatically get a higher ranking in search results meaning you'll be seen by more people.

How do I get verified?

Simple. Just log into your account and go to your verification tab where you will see your verification pin. Write this on a bit of card or paper and upload a selfie of you holding it. Face must be visible.

When we receive this our team will check your pin matches and mark you as approved.